Mimí grew up in a family of artists, bakers and musicians. His father is a painter and graphic designer with the passion for music, dance and photography. Since childhood, Mimí and his brother were surrounded by any form of arts. In fact his brother is now a young architect and Mimí is a musician with a great passion for photography.

During the 7 years in London he had the chance to meet great photographers, have lessons with his good friend and renowned photographer Diego Di Guardo and have some workshops with some of the biggest music photographers like Denis O'Regan, Mick Hutson, Damian Mcgillicuddy. He also worked for independent artists, venues and live-concerts. Here you can find some of his works.

Each song tells a story, each artist has something to say and the cover-art has a crucial role for the whole artistic project. Albums like Rio by Duran Duran, Synchronicity by The Police, Dangerous by Michael Jackson, Heart Like a Sky by Spandau Ballet and many others have had a big impact on Mimí since he was a kid. For him every album or single must have an impactful cover, so that the listener can easily associate the audio with the image.

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" The WALK " is a collection of photographies that Mimí has taken during his life as a traveling musician. He loves black and white, and some pictures have been taken with his favorite analog camera, Olympus OM-10. As you can see from the pictures, the photos are not chaotic; he cherishes calmness, simplicity and minimalism, and this is evident in his photographs.

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" YOU " is a collection of portraits taken by Mimí during sessions in recording and photographic studios, and some were taken in the backstage of music videos. Mimí always strives to create a sense of minimalism, and that is his recognisable feature.

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3 drums, an upright bass and an electric bass, 3 guitars, a vibraphone, a vintage analog mixer from the 1979, synthesizers, snare drums, and speakers everywhere. Take an intimate look behind the scene, where Mimí scores for his band Screams From The Sun and other musical projects.

A visual story by Mimí Out.

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